RangeXTD – High in performance, low in budget!

If you suffer from weak internet at your place, RangeXTD is an ideal solution for you. RangeXTD is a Wi-Fi extender and Wi-Fi booster that are best for the persons who use the internet extensively or live in smart homes.

Smart homes use remote operations as a tool to operate the electronic devices and processes in the place. The link between the remote control i.e. your smartphone and the device is established using the cloud-based technology that has the internet as its lifeline. The loss of the internet will hamper the connectivity thus; there will be no remote control.

RangeXTD is one such electronic device that aims to remove the two of the major problems in internet connection. There are:

  • Weak Wi-Fi signal: Have you ever noticed the change in the upload and download speeds of your internet connection? The weak strength of the Wi-Fi signal can be due to the weak networks of the service provider or due to the limited working of your existing router. You can hardly do anything in improving it but to change your existing Wi-Fi router.

With RangeXTD at your service, you do not need to look for alternate methods to solve the weak signal strength problem. RangeXTD has a built-in amplifier that boosts the existing Wi-Fi signal and you can achieve the signal speeds up to 300Mbps!

  • Less coverage: Do you face no signal in your garage when you place your Wi-Fi router in your drawing room? Well, it is not only you, but many of us face the same problem due to the limited working of all of the Wi-Fi routers. Any obstructions like different floors, large furniture adds to the problem. The only solution to the problem is to add multiple routers that can transmit the range in each corner of the place. But is it economical to do so?

With RangeXTD, you only need to put it between the dead zone and your existing Wi-Fi router. It covers the gap between the two by transmitting the amplified Wi-Fi signal to around 70 meters of the range that is sufficient to cover your entire place.

Price of RangeXTD: Despite of the multi-functionality of RangeXTD, it is offered at economical rates to the customers. Along with cheap rates, it is available at promotional discounts by the manufacturer. You can go for single or multiple units of RangeXTD without worrying about your budget!


The company of RangeXTD follows a 100% customer satisfaction policy and offers a 30-days money-back guarantee as well. RangeXTD is way cheaper than the Wi-Fi boosters and Wi-Fi extenders available in the market. RangeXTD owns its efficiency to the careful designing and working principle of this amazing design. The hardware used in RangeXTD is one of the best in the electronics industry and is highly durable.  Working on the basics ensures that the overall production cost of RangeXTD remains low so that it can stay as an affordable product to all.…

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